Homemade Nutella!

  OH MY DAYS!!! 😍 I am the biggest chocolate freak and when I was younger, you could def find me eating Nutella out the jar!.. So here is a healthier version that would satisfy any chocoholics sweet tooth! Just try and not eat the whole jar in one go!!... Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Servings… Continue reading Homemade Nutella!

Have Your Cake & Eat It! (Healthy Style)

I am all about the Sweet Treats and if I can find a way to keep them in my plan then I am going to do that... and this one is one of my absolute FAVOURITES! It's a sweet potato and chocolate mug cake and I serve it with plain greek yogurt, a spoon of… Continue reading Have Your Cake & Eat It! (Healthy Style)

So Let’s talk about this Superfood Shakeology!

So let's talk Shakeology!.. It's pretty new here in the UK and when I talk about it to friends and clients, they don't know much about it or I get "I don't do shakes" comment a lot. You know what... I didn't do shakes either.. Why?.. because I'm pretty much a health nut (with a… Continue reading So Let’s talk about this Superfood Shakeology!

Fixate Chocolate Brownies

I just made these clean chocolate brownies from The Fixate Cookbook and Oh My.... the smell as they were baking was out of this world!.. They are soft, dense and chocolatey and they taste AMAZING! My top tip would be... have them warm out the oven and top with some "nice" cream for the ULTIMATE healthy… Continue reading Fixate Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Mug Cake & Peanut Butter with Chocolate Popcorn

Now you can have your cake & eat it too!! I'm always looking out for new ideas and recipes so I can have a little sweet treat but stay on my healthy path.  I'd heard of mug cakes a while ago and have made them before but it turned out pretty awful to be honest… Continue reading Chocolate Mug Cake & Peanut Butter with Chocolate Popcorn