My FIRST Beachbody Summit Experience!


I have been waiting 6 years for this moment! I have watched for the past 6 years as Coaches from the USA and Canada posted their pics and videos on Social Media and I just KNEW I had to be there! The atmosphere and the community that surrounds this business is so uplifting, I HAD to get some of that! So when Coaching arrived in the UK last October I was one of the first to sign up and started working my way towards my very FIRST SUMMIT! And boy, I was not disappointed!…


Day 1, we got registered and received our lanyards and I wore my Diamond Coach medal with sheer pride!! We walked around, just soaked in the atmosphere and got prepared as 20000 other coaches started to arrive. I think I had a permanent grin on my face for that whole week and thank goodness for the Shakeology  bar to keep us fuelled up for the CRAZY days ahead! BRING IT ON!!… 👊🏻

I was super fortunate to meet and workout with all the Super Trainers but these 2 are my  absolute FAVS! Shaun T is where my Beachbody journey started around 7 years ago with Insanity and that program changed everything for me ❤️ I walked up to him and he gave me a HUGE hug and that was it.. Niagra Falls 😭 and you know the more you try to take a deep breath and not cry, the more it comes?.. Yup, that was me. He was so humble and told me to take my time and gave me another hug (check out my bloodshot eyes in the pic!) I finally got it together and you can just see the sheer joy in my face as I got my pic taken. He really is a special human being 🌟

On the other hand, I bumped into The Legend Tony Horton (from P90X series) who I may have a teeny crush on 😜 at a Success Club party! If you have never done a Tony workout you must!.. He is bloody hilarious!!! 😆 Oh and did I mention he is 60!!! I know… his catchphrase… Ageing is for IDIOTS and he proves that right!

Saturday morning 6am and we made our way to the Super Workout, a little bit different from working out in my living room, just me and 20000 others! All the Super Trainers were there and the atmosphere was ELECTRIC! The workout was 90 mins long but honestly I could have worked out ALL DAY, the adrenaline was pumping through my veins!!! Either that or the double scoop of Energize!!! 🤩


These past few days have been a whirlwind of non stop Team trainings, learning from the BEST of the BEST on how to grow my business, packed out workouts, get togethers, parties and ending with the Closing Ceremony which is the Oscars of the Health and Fitness Industry! We all got fancy (as I live in workout clothes!) and headed over to the Lucas Oil Stadium for a night of Recognition, Celebration and FUN!


I got to walk the stage as a Diamond Coach within the Top Team in the whole company, which was pretty surreal standing in front of 20000 people! (can you see me?!)

It was everything I imagined and MORE! This company celebrates YOU and helps you to grow into the BEST version of YOU. I have never felt so supported and have found my very BEST friends through this opportunity. We all want the same outcome, we are all on this journey together, we lift, encourage and support each other EVERY SINGLE DAY 👭

Next year, I want to walk that stage with ALL MY TEAM, I want to do this with my BEST FRIENDS, where else can you work together with your TRIBE and get celebrated on helping them grow?

If you read this and it connects with something inside YOU, like it did with me. If you know you were meant for MORE, if you have the FIRE and the PASSION to help others and create an AMAZING life for yourself,  if you are from the UK, USA or Canada fill out my APPLICATION below and next year you can be HERE with US, living your BEST life ✨ This is what I was made to do and I am going to do great things… you coming?!..

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