My First Beachbody Super Sunday! (UK)


I have just returned home from a whirlwind of a Weekend! IT was the UKs first ever Beachbody Super Sunday in Birmingham and what a Sunday it was!

I have been watching Super Saturday and Sundays that the US and Canada hold every quarter and I finally got to participate in one myself! It was so good to meet up with friends and fellow coaches who we usually only see from behind a laptop screen and give a big HUG to!


The morning started off with lots of info on up and coming Events and how you can take part and push your business further. Then Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese talked about her new program 80 Day Obsession that launched 15th January and did a Q & A session for everyone.

We also had a photo opportunity with her and I was so excited to meet her and say Hi… as I have already completed 80 Day Obsession from being in the original Test Group last year. I made sure to ROCK my 80 Day Obsession – Finished Strong vest! I had to represent!

The icing on the cake was a LIVE workout and I was all ready to GO, when Autumn invites the UK Test Group members to join her up on the stage for the workout! I was up there like a shot… what an AMAZING experience. I was dying up there near the end, as it was so hot with the lights, but there was no way I was stopping… the adrenaline kicked in and I did the whole workout smiling like a Cheshire cat!

I’m so grateful for these adventures that keep happening… from being chosen to be in the Original Test Group for 80 Day Obsession, to working out on stage with Autumn and the other girls. And to think it all started with the decision to buy the Insanity program and just take that first step to becoming a better, fitter, healthier versions of ME!

If you would like to join my next Accountability Group, fill out my application for your spot. You just have to take that first step, you never know where it might lead…

If you would like more info on the Coaching Opportunity and how you could join My Team, fill out my Business Opportunity form.

Let’s start LIVING LIFE!


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