I’m Going Back For More!…



Eeek!… I am so excited! The home fitness program that I got my best EVER results from is about to launch! On the 15th January it will be released to the public and YOU can do it with me and change your body in just 80 days!..

Yes.. this is an advanced program but if you have a base level of fitness you can definitely do this program. It follows timed nutrition, which takes all the guess work out of what to eat and when, as it tell you exactly what to do. There’s no counting calories or macros. It uses the Portion Fix containers, so if it fits in the pot and it’s in the plan, you eat it…  simple as that!

I was fortunate to be in the Test Group last year and just look at what I achieved in those 80 days… and now you can do it with me!

I am hosting a closed online group for the full 80 days, where we will be sharing meal plans, recipes, tips and motivation. I’d love you to join me and as I have gone through this already, I’ll be providing invaluable info on what’s to come!

You can have a peek at the 80 Day Obsession Promo Video and see some of the AMAZING transformations from my fellow coaches and you might just see yours truly make a cameo appearance!!..

So, are you ready to take your fitness and your body to the next level?..  No regrets, right?!… Let’s get Obsessed… Fill out my form for more info on how you can join my exclusive group. Serious applicants only please.

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