So Let’s talk about this Superfood Shakeology!

So let’s talk Shakeology!..

It’s pretty new here in the UK and when I talk about it to friends and clients, they don’t know much about it or I get “I don’t do shakes” comment a lot. You know what… I didn’t do shakes either.. Why?.. because I’m pretty much a health nut (with a little wine thrown in on a Sat!) and I’ve never found any shake or meal replacement thats worth its salt! I won’t touch anything that’s not natural or anything thats filled with artificial sweeteners or other crap… Just sayin…

So when I first started hearing about Shakeology around 4 years ago, I was intrigued, because its marketed as a health food shake and that peaked my interest, as I’m all about that health! The more I looked into it, the more curious I got…

It has NOTHING artificial in it and over 70 superfoods, prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, adaptogens, vitamins, minerals… basically ALL the good stuff! It’s carefully sourced from all over the world, so only the BEST ingredients are used. This is my KINDA thing!…

I read testimonials from people who had more energy, slept better, lowered cholesterol, weight loss, better digestion… and this last one really had me wanting to try it out! If this can make me regular, I was willing to give it a shot. My digestion sucked, I had to take laxatives every few weeks to keep pooping (yep, really!) and if this could help I wanted to give it a try.

So I did… and YES, it did the trick, within 2 weeks of taking it regularly I was going all on my own! This was HUGE for me. I also haven’t been sick or haven’t had a cold since taking it regularly and I put that down to all the vitamins and nutrients in every dose.

Up until a few weeks ago, I was getting it while I could from the US and now that it’s readily available here in the UK, I am so grateful, because health to me is No.1 and for £4 a day I can take something that is fuelling my body with everything it needs to run on top form.

From the girl who didn’t do shakes to becoming the healthiest version of myself, feeling my BEST and becoming regular!!

If you are feeling run down or are just fed up with feeling awful, give me a shout, why wouldn’t you want to feel better? The weight loss is just a nice side effect…

The pics are:
Chocolate Shakeology with banana, peanut butter and almond milk.
Shakeology Balls…/shakeology-balls-recipe
Warm oats with chocolate Shakeology topped with coconut and walnuts.

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