Say NO to Spanx this Christmas! – Fitness Group

Nov 20th - Dec 20th-2


Incase you didn’t know I just LOVE Christmas and everything that comes with it…. except the UNWANTED weight gain!!

Did you know the average person gains 5 – 10lbs during the festive season. ⛄️
Are you fed up going into December feeling like a stuffed turkey?πŸ¦ƒ
Do you find yourself digging out the Spanx for those Christmas parties. Then spending the night so uncomfortable that you can hardly breathe as they are so tight?! No fun, right?… πŸ˜”

What if I could provide you with a 21 day workout & meal plan that showed you portion control and allows you a little wine and you could still lose 5 – 10lbs or more. Would you be interested?

I’ll show you how to clean up your favourite festive treats, make skinny cocktails so you don’t miss out on the festive fun. 🍸
I’ll give you recipes to supercharge your body with dense superfoods to keep the colds and bugs away, because no-ones got time to feel run down at Christmas!

So how about you go into this Christmas feeling and looking your best, instead of gaining those 5 – 10lbs, you could be losing them and still enjoy yourself!
Tis The Season… πŸŽ„

It’s time to invest in yourself, yes there’s a cost but how often do you sign up to a gym and don’t go? Does the gym even care that you don’t show up? That’s where I come in and support you 24/7. Β Do you go into the supermarket and not know where to start with all the options, with low fat this and sugar free that? I’m here to show you how to eat clean and choose the right foods to fuel your body. If you are ready to commit and invest in YOU, I am here right alongside you and together we’ll go into this Christmas ROCKING our party dresses with NO Spanx in sight!! You READY?!…

For your spot in my “Say NO to Spanx this Christmas” fill out my form and I’ll send you all the info!

I have 15 spots available, don’t delay, grab your spot!


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