My 80 Day Obsession Results!


What a journey!.. 80 days later and I can’t quite believe how fast it has went. When I got that email inviting me to be in the Test Group, my first reaction was “I can’t do that, 80 days with no treats, no way” But then I thought “what an opportunity” to be one of the first people to do this workout program, only 5 of us were chosen from the UK and I knew I just HAD to do this!

This program is like no other that has ever been done before… It is 80 days of live workouts, no two days are the same and it is recorded in real time, so you actually feel like you are there with Autumn and the cast working out alongside them. It’s real and it’s raw and I LOVED it!

The nutrition is timed and planned out for you, which actually makes it more simple to follow. You know what to eat and when and once you get your head in the zone it’s so easy to follow!

So here’s my results!… Eeeek…

DAY 1 – DAY 80  

I  am down 5lbs and just over 4 inches but the biggest transformation is the muscle tone I’ve gained and I’m SO STRONG!! This is an abs and booty program but the strength I’ve gained in my arms and shoulders is off the charts for me!!

I wanted to put on these  blue denim shorts today as I wore them on holiday when I started on Day 1 and they fitted perfect, they are now HUGE on me! Not only around my waist but also around my thighs too.  Bring on Round 2 !

I am so humbled and feel truly blessed to have been able be part of this program and do it together with the other 100 coaches that were chosen. It wasn’t just a physical transformation for me, it really caused a mental shift in me too. I went all in for 80 days and stayed focused and committed to the program. I just proved to myself that when you put your mind to it, you really can achieve anything, especially when you have that group support to keep you going.

I am a 42 year old mum and I have had a cesarian section, so don’t ever let anyone  tell you that you’re too old or that you can’t get your body back after a baby because I am proof that you CAN! You can do anything you put your mind to, and all from home, isn’t that CRAZY?!..

Before Beachbody - Today


If you are looking to get healthier, fitter and are stuck in a rut, come do this with me. I’m looking for ladies who have hit a plateaux and are ready to commit and make the change to become the very BEST version of themselves! It’s YOUR time… Let’s DO THIS! You in?…



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