The Beachbody UK Launch – What a day!


It was finally here! The day I had been waiting for, for over 4 years and it did not disappoint! In fact it was everything I thought it would be and MORE! The only negative was that it went by in a flash, but I was just grinning from ear to ear to entire day.

On the Friday night we had a Team Event at the Dartmouth House in Mayfair and it was so lovely to meet up with coaches from our Team in the US and mingle together. We also had the pleasure of a visit from the CEO of Beachbody Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon, who welcomed us and chatted about how we can make an impact here in the UK, to help others live a healthier life. They have such passion for what they are doing and I love that they lead with their heart and truly want to help people.


Then came the BIG day, the Official Launch Event of Team Beachbody UK! I felt like a kid at Christmas. It was so AMAZING to walk into that room and finally be able to see and hug friends that I’ve been chatting to on social media for years. The energy in the room was ELECTRIC and the atmosphere was so alive with everyones excitement and anticipation for what was to come!


We took our seats and listened to all the events that are coming up and from the top leaders on how they got started and continue to help people change their lives. We also got to listen to success stories from the UK and from one lady who thanked Beachbody programs for literally saving her life. She was so depressed and overweight she didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning but after being handed a copy of Insanity, started to change her life around and now she has become a coach and is paying it forward to help others because of what Beachbody did for her… That’s what it’s all about and it makes me smile because I’m now part of something special.

This weekend has left me with a fire in my belly to reach and help as many people as I can. This way of life is so achievable, sustainable and HEALTHY! You can live life to the fullest, create memories, make lifelong friends and YOU can do it, if you have the desire to.


I am so excited to start my journey as a Founding UK Coach and one day I’ll look back on this weekend and say “This is where it all started”.

If you’d like any info on how you can get involved and join me, either as a customer or a coach, send me a MESSAGE or Email me at and I’ll pop you over the details.

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