80 Day Obsession – End of Phase 2


So this is what Day 50 looks like! I am at the end of Phase 2 in my journey and boy what a journey it has been so far…

It has definitely been a learning curve and I have been pushed outside of my comfort zone, especially with the timed nutrition as its something I have never done before. But it WORKS! I have never felt so strong and I have so much energy throughout the day, oh and there is the fact that I am sleeping like a baby!

So tomorrow we move onto Phase 3, which I am so ready for but a little bit nervous, with the workouts being ramped up again, to push us even further! It will be a whole month of new workouts which I love as it keeps everything fresh and keeps me motivated to keep pushing harder and do my absolute best every single day!

Would you like to do this program with me when it’s released in January 2018? I’m going in for round 2 and would love for you to do this alongside me. I am opening up spots in my Challenge Group to get everyone ready for this program and if you would like to be part of my group, fill out my form so you don’t miss out!

You can also follow my journey on my Facebook page and message me if you would like more details or help with your own fitness journey.

Have a great week and bring on Phase 3! xx


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