My 80 Day Obsession Journey – Week 6

I woke up today and decided I would take a few pics and put on a pair of holiday shorts to see how I compare to where I started. And I was literally BLOWN AWAY!….


You see, the last 2 weeks I have been eating in bracket C, those of you who do the portion fix will know what I mean 😉 incase you don’t know, thats a LOT of food! More food than I’ve ever ate in a day in my entire life, and so I was nervous and apprehensive. The first few days after bumping up 2 food categories, I was bloated and constantly full so I messaged Autumn Calabrese (80 Day Obsession trainer) and she reassured me to stick with it for at least a week and to trust the process and I’m so glad I listened to her.

By the end of week 5 the bloating had gone done and I had so much energy. These workouts require you to fuel you body with the right type of food and the right quantity of food as well, especially as the weeks go on and the workouts get tougher.

So here I am eating 7 times a day (yes SEVEN) 5 meals,  one Shakeology and my Recharge shake before bed and I’m burning fat, getting smaller and building lean muscle!

Honestly, it still astounds me when I put on clothes and they continue to feel loose. I took this picture this morning, the last time I wore these shorts was only 5 weeks ago on holiday and they fit perfectly then. It’s crazy…. but I LOVE it!

So I’ll continue to trust the process, and I can’t wait to see what the next 6 weeks has in store for me, I’m only halfway in and holding strong!

If you’d like to join me when this program launches in the New Year, fill out my form and we can get you all set up. You still have a few months to prepare, so it’s plenty time to get a few workout programs under your belt so you’re  good to go come January!

Reserve your spot in my First Official Challenge Group after the UK Launch, spaces are filling up fast, so don’t miss out.

You can also follow my 80 Day Obsession Journey on Facebook.

Have a great week! Caroline xx

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