80 Day Obsession – Month 1 Results!


Day 1 to Day 30 Results...#80dayobsession

I received an email around 5 weeks ago (days before my holiday to LA) that I had been selected to be in the test group for Beachbodys new workout, 80 Day Obsession! I couldn’t believe it… little old me, from Fife in Scotland had been chosen for a program that doesn’t even get released to the public until next year! I thought about it for a hot second then replied back “YES YES YES!”

Ok, so the holiday part was going to be a challenge… What do you normally do on holiday? Drink Margaritas, eat pizza, indulge in a little or a lot of ice cream right?.. Well not his time, this program is not for the faint hearted! It’s 80 days of focused timed nutrition, no alcohol, no treats, all in 100% focus… ( Ok I might have had a mouthful of my sons cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory) but apart from that I was ON IT!!

And with that being said month 1 is now over and we ramp it up in month 2! The workouts get tougher but the food also goes up (YAY!) Eat all the food, burn all the fat! It’s actually crazy, I don’t think I’ve ever ate so much food in one day…like ever… but I’m over here leaning out and I still have two months to go!!..


The workouts are like nothing that’s ever been done before, as they are all filmed in real time LIVE and we never repeat any, so its 80 days of workouts rather than repeating the same 5 or 6 workouts over again! Thats what makes it so special…

So here are my results from Month 1….

  • I’m down 6 lbs
  • I’ve lost 2 3/4 inches overall

Now that’s crazy considering I am eating 5 times a day and going into month 2 I get to eat even more food! My body is turning into a fat burning machine!



I’m really excited to see what this program can do and I’m looking forward to seeing even more changes in my body. I am trusting the process and going with it, bring on Month 2!!

I am also looking for AMAZING go getters to join my team! Curious and want to know more? Apply for your spot in our Sneak Peak into Beachbody Coaching and see if its a fit for you…

Meet our Team ❤️





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