What an AMAZING Weekend!


This was the weekend I had been waiting for for a LONG time! This is where it all begins!..

I finally got the chance to meet in person Melanie Mitro (who I’ve stalked/followed for the last 4 1/2 years 😁) and some of the top leaders from The Dream Team United. Melanie and her team came over from the US to hold a live event in Birmingham and share with us the Beachbody Coaching opportunity.

We had Shakeology tasting and registration, then we all gathered together and sat down with our notepads and pens ready to soak in all the info Melanie and her team had to share with us.


The whole day was filled with such positivity and belief that if you work hard, anything is possible, the sky is the limit with what you can achieve in your coaching business!

I have to say that these ladies all blew me away with their kindness, humility and passion for helping others achieve success. They welcomed me like an old friend and if I could be anymore excited to get this party started on October 19th, when Team Beachbody officially launches in the UK then I’m there!!

In these next few weeks leading up to the launch I am looking for 10 people to join my team, Dream Nation. I am looking for people with a love for health and fitness, a passion for helping others achieve their goals and who have a go getter attitude! Does this sound like you? Are you curious and want to know more? Fill out my form to apply to join the No.1 Team in the Company and together we can change the lives of others and our own!





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