What an EXCITING week!!


WOW!! What an exciting week this has been so far! Everything seems to be happening and I’m so excited, I have to keep pinching myself.

First off, I am part of the No. 1 team in the Team Beachbody network, The Dream Team UK! So what does the mean?.. Well when we officially launch in October I will be a founding coach of the UK Dream Team. I can help you achieve your health and fitness goals as a customer with unwavering support from myself and our challenge groups. If you’re interested in joining me as a coach I will help you reach your business goals whatever they might be, with our outstanding training groups and one to one training support too!

If you’re interested in joining me as a customer, a coach or just want more information, shoot me a message at coachcarolineglen@gmail.com. Exciting times are definitely coming!

I have also been following the Portion Fix container system for the past 3 weeks and yesterday  I stepped on the scale just to see if those containers really make the difference.  Well…. down 4 lbs in 3 weeks, I’m feeling super lean and I’m so ready for my holiday (which I’m headed on after I type this!) I love the fact that you get to eat REAL FOOD, there’s no calorie counting, no low-fat or diet anything!  You work out which bracket you’re in and follow the system, if it fits in the container, you pop it onto your plate and you eat it!! So by following this system, eating 3 meals, 2 snacks a day and my daily Shakeology the results are pretty awesome, I’m sure you’ll agree!


Want to know more about the portion fix or the daily workouts I do from my living room? (I haven’t been a gym member in over 11 years!) send me a message at coachcarolineglen@gmail.com and I’ll be more than happy to share everything I do with you.


The third thing that has landed on my doorstep this week is TOP SECRET! I honestly can’t share it with you yet, I have been sworn to secrecy… but have my word that as soon as I’m allowed to share it, you’ll be the first to know!! It is something so AMAZING and it’s definitely going to be a game changer! Eeeek!!…

Have a fabulous week, stay healthy and keep moving that body…  and if you have any questions or queries about anything at all, give me a shout and I’ll be more than happy to help.




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