My Favourite Personal Development Books


Listen, when I first heard about reading personal development, I was like ” Isn’t that all hippy mumbo jumbo stuff?” Yes, It took a while to convince me… but I was hearing that’s what all the SUCCESSFUL people do, so a few years ago after a bit of research I bought my first Personal Development book…. which was The Slight Edge. I read it cover to cover and so started my journey!


In principle the book explains that through time and with persistence you will get the RESULTS!

  • Going to the gym everyday doesn’t make much difference at first, but over time, it will make a huge difference.
  • Saving doesn’t much difference at first, but over time…
  • And building your business doesn’t seem to be making much difference at first, but keep at it, and over time…

You get the idea?…

After I’d finished this book, I was actually quite hooked, I thought these books could be onto something here! The next book I picked up was The Compound Effect, recommended to me by my Coach.


This book has the same general idea that small daily choices and actions compound over time to equal BIG results.

  • It’s not big choices, but ones that you think don’t matter or count for much that derail us. You don’t consciously think about it, but these small decisions can really change things.
  • Small choices + consistency + time = significant results.

It’s been a few years since I first read these two and I have read a ton of others since then but these are my 2 FAVOURITES  and the ones I always go back to when I’m needing that extra push and the acknowledgement that I’m moving in the right direction!

Hey, sometimes I get bogged down with THE FEAR! You know, that little voice in your head that tells you, you can’t do something and then you start to doubt yourself. Well I’ve  found that reading a little Personal Development everyday really helps to quash that voice and puts me in a much better I CAN DO THIS mindset.

The latest book that I’m reading at the moment or rather listening to (I’ve since come across the Audible app, It’s AMAZING) is The 10X Rule, which I listen to every chance I get.. In the shower, doing my housework, in the car…


Now this book is slightly different  and a bit more IN YOUR FACE but I kinda like it! He’s a no BS type of guy and if you want success then you have to 10X everything in your life!

  • The secret to extraordinary success is to put in 10 times the effort than most people.
  • Having big goals isn’t enough.  You need to take action.  Massive action.

I’m really enjoying this one at the moment as he has such enthusiasm and determination when he speaks and that definitely rubs of on you!

So if you haven’t read any Personal Development books and are wondering what all the fuss is about, I encourage you to start with  The Slight Edge and The Compound Effect.

Then when your ready to 10X your life, I highly recommend The 10X Rule.

Let me know if you have any recommendations and what books or audio have helped you achieve success, I’m always looking for new reads!



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