Top Tips For Staying On Track at The Weekend


It’s FRIDAY!! Woohoo…. but don’t let that be an excuse to unravel all your hard work!
Here are some of my top tips for staying on track at the weekend.
1. Start your day with breakfast. Just as you do (and should!) during the week, have breakfast first thing in the morning. If you sleep later than usual on the weekends but still get up a couple of hours before lunch, make sure you have something small to get your metabolism going.
2. Move your body. You have the extra time, so do a double workout, go for a bike ride, or a run, play with your kids. Whatever your preference, just do something active!
3. Don’t skip meals. Even if you’re going out for a big dinner, you still need to eat lunch and probably a snack before your night out. If you think you’ll skip meals to save yourself for dinner you’ll end up eating more than you would normally and regretting it.
4. Choose wisely. If you’re eating out, ask for the dressing on the side, skip the creamy sauces, pass on the bread basket. There are healthier choices to be made, you just have to get a little creative!
5. Watch the alcohol. It’s easy to overdo the drinking over the weekend. Between dinner out, meeting friends for drinks, or a party, go easy. Have a few glasses of wine, not the whole bottle. Choose vodka or gin with sparkling water and lemon/lime and have a glass of water in-between. Trust me — you’ll be happy when you don’t have a hangover the next morning.
6. Keep your goals in mind. Whatever you do, remember your goals. Put them in a place you’ll see them so you can remind yourself what you want to accomplish. Even if you place post-its on your cupboards and fridge with reminders to help you stay on track.
7. Tell your family and friends to keep you accountable, if they see you overindulging they have permission to slap it out of your hand!!! 😆
Most of all have a GREAT weekend, still have fun and reward yourself with other things like a manicure, a gorgeous lipstick or new workout clothes instead of takeaways & copious amounts of alcohol… and come Monday you will be SO proud of yourself and feel GREAT!
You CAN do it!! 👊🏻

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