I Had To Check Myself!


My jeans were getting a bit snug, a feeling which I don’t like! But how can that be? I eat clean and healthy, I workout 6 days a week, what was happening? That was when I had to check myself and get really honest…

My Saturday night treat meal had been turning into a weekend treat for the last month and I had just let it slide. I would get in from work on a Friday and think “Hey its Friday, I’ll have a glass of wine” or two which then leads to poor choices i.e. in my case, copious amounts of chocolate! Then I’d repeat that on Saturday and sometimes on Sunday too.


You see chocolate is my BIG weakness, I just can’t have one bite…. once I have the taste, I’m a goner, a binger, a chocolate monster! That is why I only allow myself it on a Saturday, as part of my treat meal.

I had to be completely honest with myself and go back to what I preach (and what works for me 100%) Saturday ONLY! When I do this I feel at my BEST. I feel better, I look better and I just feel on top of my game. Also when it’s only a once a week thing, that wine tastes like sweet nectar and I appreciate it so much more, Cheers to that! 🍷


So I ask you… Are you being completely honest with yourself? Are you wondering why you can’t lose those last few lbs or why that stubborn muffin top won’t disappear? Stop and check yourself, because the only person you’re cheating is yourself!




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