My Eat Clean Challenge Group Success

7 day clean eating banner

Over the past 7 days I’ve hosted a FREE 7 day Eat Clean Challenge group on Facebook and I was overwhelmed by the amount of interest! Each day we posted our food pics and supported each other to succeed when we were struggling. We kept each other accountable and shared our favourite meals.


I provided our group with a 7 Day Meal Plan Guide, a daily workout, tips and helpful videos on how to stay on track. I loved how my challengers got involved and cheered each other on daily, because when you are in a group setting and have someone to stay accountable to, it makes everything that bit better. You want to do well, you don’t want to let yourself or others down, right? Then when you start to feel the benefits you want to keep going AND you realise that the food is actually delicious and you’re not starving. It IS sustainable and maybe you could make this into a lifestyle. BINGO!! Because that is the ultimate goal… NOT a diet… NOT for a holiday… FOR LIFE!

I love inspiring people to live a healthier lifestyle because at the end of the day the most important thing we have is our HEALTH, and after just 7 days here are some of the comments I have received from the ladies in the group…

“Great info this week Caroline Glen. I thought i was pretty healthy already but I’ve gained more knowledge from you and everyone in the group. Thank you xx”

“Hey guys a week has passed since we stared this journey & although I have been clean eating for a few years i had started to eat sweets & bigger portions toward end of pregnancy & kept going after I had my baby so I wanted to get back on track & I knew having Caroline Glen & u guys support & encouragement I would do it. 🤗
Now for the results: 🙈 I have lost 2 inches, 2.1/4ibs & 1% body fat”

“This is all down to you Caroline – thank you so much xx I’ve only gone and run my first ever 5k – how on earth did that happen!! I’ve been stuck on 3k at the gym for a while now. First day out running in Wotton and I’ve done it 🙂. My poor little running buddy also did well . I’ve been ‘clean eating’ for a week now, – lost weight, eating and sleeping much better and now I’ve nailed a 5k :)”

17917188_10210782449649912_3204118675729180947_oHow cool is that? These messages really make my day, knowing that I’m helping others by sharing my healthy habits and encouraging others to do the same.


So every month I’ll be running a FREE 7 Day Challenge Group that YOU can join. I would love to have you. The only rules I have is that you participate, which means you comment and post daily and get involved in our daily challenges. It’s a great way to stay accountable, make new like-minded friends and get HEALTHY(er)!

My next group starts on Monday 15th May. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, shoot me a message on Facebook or send me an email at and I’ll get you on the list. (If you were in my 7 Day Eat Clean group, you’re already in!)

I’m super excited for the next one… Let’s Get Healthier Together!

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