Insanity Max:30 – My Results

I can’t actually believe that the 60 days are over.  That was the fastest 2 months… it really went by in the blink of an eye!
So now that it’s over I can reveal my results, my thoughts and what I got out of the whole experience.
Ok, so this was one of my favourite workout programs I have ever done!  It pushed me like no other workout ever has.  I have never been so emotionally involved in a program since the first time I did the original Insanity.  I screamed, shouted, even shed a tear at one point because I really pushed through and felt so proud of myself!
At the end of this program I felt really strong, my endurance was through the roof!  In my last week I was pushing so hard, I had a few days where I did not Max Out at all!  The stamina Max:30 gives you is incredible!
The physical results though were a little unexpected. This is my before and after pics:
In total I lost 3 lbs and 5 inches.  Yes there are noticeable changes but I would have liked to have seen more physical changes in my body.
I’m not going to sit and dwell on it, I loved the program and will defiantly do it all again. (Cant wait to get my Max:30 T shirt to add to my collection!)
So maybe I’ve hit a bit of a plateau and need to switch it up a bit.  Next on my agenda?…
Eeek… excited!!
The 21 day fix extreme!  Excited to add weights in and get my nutrition on point with my little containers.  I will officially start this on the 16th March and I’m going to do the extreme plan for 21 days then going in for a second round with the competition plan!
This will take me up to my birthday, which will be the big 4 0!!  I’m going to get in the best shape of my life.  Total commitment required!
I’m so thankful I found these workouts!  Beachbody workouts have truly changed my life.  The people I have met through doing these programs are lifelong.  Most of them I will probably never meet in person, but we all have the same goals and keep each other accountable every single day.
Thank you for reading and I hope I inspire you a little to be healthy, stay healthy and be the best version of you!
Have an amazing week
Caroline xoxo

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