21 Day Fix – My Results

21 days of workouts with no treats/cheats at all! Was it tough?  At times, but was it worth it?  HELL YEAH!!
Let me tell you when I first sat down and started to meal plan using the containers, it took me hours, but once I got into the swing of it, it was really simple.  And those little coloured containers are the game changer right there!
I have been doing Beachbody workout programs constantly for 2 years now and I have never got results like this in such a short space of time.
I know you’re dying to see the results so here they are…eeek:
These before pictures are 2 weeks after finishing Insanity Max:30 where I had already lost 5 inches and 2 lbs.
These after photos were taken this morning and I’m really pleased with my results.
After just 21 days I have lost 3 inches and 6 lbs!

Now considering I didn’t have lots of weight to lose, that’s craazy good!  And I have the smallest waist and hips I’ve ever had in my adult life!

Waist: 25 1/2 inches

Hips:  33 1/2 inches

You know the other amazing thing?
I have weighed less but I’ve never been so toned or small!  I’m all about the inches and the muscle tone, not the number on the scale.
I have noticed that I get my best results through workout programs that include weights, this one and P90X.  I still love my cardio programs ( Insanity, love you!) but lifting weights gives me the definition I’m after.
Those arms tho!!

And don’t worry about getting hungry, you get plenty of food to eat, it’s just the right type of food.  Get meal planning and prepping, stock up on tupperware and you can’t go wrong.  Oh and I’m a veggie, so I had the added extra of finding ways to get enough protein in without eating meat. There were a lot of eggs consumed….(and they have they’re side effects…ppffttt!…)

Bright and colourful food on 21 day fix extreme

I’m having a few days off and enjoying a big glass of red tonight and I’ve saved a chocolate Easter bunny too. Ohh, I bet they’ll taste like heaven…

Then I’m jumping back on the 21 day fix extreme train and doing it all again in the lead up to my Birthday.
I’m going to be in the best shape of my life, not bad for a Mum who will be 40 in a few weeks?!…
If you’re thinking if this is the right program for you, think no more, just do it.  I promise you will get amazing results IF you stick to the plan.  Commit for 21 days and watch the magic happen!
Have an amazing, happy healthy week.
Caroline xoxo

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