Have you tried and failed at every diet under the sun?

Have no time to go to the gym?

Feel uncomfortable in your own skin?

Well that was me 6 years ago… What changed? I DID!.. I decided enough was enough and I wasn’t going to try faddy diets anymore and since having my son, I just didn’t have the time or the childcare to go back to the gym, so what could I do?

I kept coming across a lady on Facebook who seemed to be having AMAZING results working out in her own home and she was posting about her Coach and being in a Challenge Group… I had no clue what either of these things meant, so after a few months I reached out to her and asked what she was doing. That is where my journey begins…

I was IN!!.. I joined my very first Challenge Group! These Groups are all about support and motivation, you can workout in your own living room but you are never alone! I workout then get plugged into the online group and share my sweaty selfies and motivate and encourage the other ladies. We share tip and recipes, post our meal plans and have FUN! I learned all about proper nutrition, how to fuel my body to maximise my results, how drinking my Superfoods daily gives my body the nutrients and vitamins it craves and the results started to happen!

Before Beachbody - Today

I had tried and failed in the past to achieve my health and fitness goals on my own but now I am surrounded by inspiring people on the same journey as me. We all want the same thing… To be the very BEST version of OURSELVES!

I knew I had to pay it forward and help others the way I was helped, so I signed up as a Coach and I now run my own Challenge Groups! I feel truly blessed and I’m so passionate about teaching others the key to achieving success. We do this TOGETHER and we achieve GREAT results. There is NO QUICK FIX that works long term, it is about changing your mindset and learning that this is a LIFESTYLE and it is possible for you too!

I run my 30 Day Challenge Groups every month and I would love to help you achieve your health & fitness goals too!

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“If i wasnt in a group like this with the motivation given, I certainly wouldnt of lost the 10 lbs over the past four weeks, or run a 5k. In fact yesterday it was just over 6k. Many thanks Caroline for all your support. I’d love to join another one x”

Im being honest in saying I nearly didn’t do this #excuses I cannot eat such little food I don’t need this in my life etc etc. But I signed up for it so I am committed and I am so glad I did . Loved the accountability and motivation. I did my own meals but kept them clean drinking more water was hard for me but I managed it 👍🏻 thankyou Caroline x

Hi everyone just wanted to share I lost 1.7 kg (4 lbs )BMI 23.3 to 22.7 pleased with that in just 1 week 😲 will carry on as going on my hols on Friday 👙

I lost 3lbs. Didnt do measurements though but my tummy feels a lot flatter so I’m happy. Well done everyone xx


Challengers from my accountability group